Turkish border guards wound 4 civilians while trying to cross borders

Representational photo.
Representational photo.

( Baghdad – Turkish border guards shot civilians from Kobani city in western Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan) while trying to cross the borders to the Turkish side illegally.

According to Bas News, “The Turkish border guards shot 4 youths while trying to cross the borders in Joal Bek village (5 km west of Kobani) between Syrian Kurdistan and Turkish Kurdistan, and wounded them with several injuries.”

“The wounded persons are Jakr Khawen Hameed, Badr Abdel Rahman, Mohamed Ramadan Joal Bek and Ismail Ramadan Joal Bek,” Bas News explained. “The residents of the village contacted the Asayish that transferred the wounded to al-Amal Hospital and the Military Hospital in Kobani,” Bas News added.

“The residents are forced to cross the Turkish borders illegally, after Turkey closed its borders with the Kurdish regions,” Bas News added.

Turkish border guards imposed strict procedures on the borders with Syrian Kurdistan, and started to build a wall and dig trenches to prevent the sneaking of more refugees to the Turkish territories.

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