U.S. carries out its first airstrike in Syrian territory, announces Pentagon

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( The U.S. Department of Defense announced, that the U.S. carried out its first air raid in Syrian territory to defend a group of rebels that it had been trained and equipped.

A spokesman for the Pentagon, Bill Orban, stated that the raid, which was carried out last Friday, is the first of its kind in Syrian territory, while pointed out that the raid was conducted to support a group of fighters trained by the U.S. and calling themselves the “new Syria group.”

Orban also added: “We have to defend the new group, which we have trained and equipped.”

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  1. Wrong archive photo as for airstrikes in Syria the US is not using planes from an Aircraft Carrier but is now using planes from the Incirlik airbase in Turkey.

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