URGENT: 300 Iraqi Yazidi girls sold as slaves to ISIS terrorists in Syria

The logo of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
The logo of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

( On Saturday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed that the organization of the Islamic State trafficked and sold about 300 Yazidi girls and women, who were abducted from Mosul, Iraq, to its members in Syria during the past weeks.

The Syrian Observatory said, in a statement published by the Arab media and followed by, that “The organization of the Islamic State distributed between its elements in Syria, during the past days and weeks, about 300 girls and women from the followers of the Yazidi religion, who were abducted in Iraq several weeks ago on the basis that they are slaves from the spoils of war of the unbelievers. ”

The Syrian Observatory said in a statement that “it has documented several instances of human tracking in which the elements of ISIS sell abducted Yazidi females to other elements of the organization in Syria, with an amount of money of $1000 per female, to be married to the fighters of the organization who have paid the money.”

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