URGENT: Egyptian President to send Arab military forces to confront ISIL, organize an ‘Arab Alliance’

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

( Egypt’s former Foreign Minister, Mohammed Al-Orabi, said that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will coordinate with Arab countries to send military forces to confront the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant during the coming period.

This announcement came when Sisi called, during an extended meeting between Sisi and Egyptians media in Cairo on Saturday, to form an ‘Arab Alliance’ to counter the threat of ISIL, who dominate large parts of Iraq and Syria saying that “the organization of ISIL poses a real threat and not an illusory threat as some people believe”, adding that “this threat requires the formation of an Arab NATO.”

Orabi added that “it may happened during the coming period in order to repel any aggression or mobilization undertaken by ISIL against Gulf countries.”

He said “Sisi will intervene quickly to counter any aggression against those countries, once the occurrence of anything that threatens their security. Sisi will intervene immediately to protect them.”


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  1. This has the potential to be a great news. President Sisi is emerging as the independent leader the Arab world badly needs. He’s fully aware of the American plot against Egypt and Army and even him personally through Anglo-American creature Muslim Brotherhood. If he and the Army had hesitated a bit longer the terrorist MB with AA connivance would have turned Egypt into another Libya in no time.
    Now the most important and wisest thing to do the moment he formally announces the formation of this force is to invite Iran to join under a mutually accepted name and arrangement.
    With Egypt leading Arab forces, she will be able to assure Saudi Arabia and manage its fear of Iran cooperation. With Turkey still acting as staging area, transitting recruit safe haven and fall back for ISIL it’s imperative that they pool resources and their fighting strategy and tactics.
    Anglo-Saxon imperative is only to protect their puppet the Khanate family of Barzani tribe. I don’t think they mind if these terrorists destroy Jalal Talebani and his family who are the most decent and respected elders of the Talebani tribe but accepted by the great majority of the whole Iraqi Kurds.
    So with Iran in cooperation of independent Kurds in Iraq can be had instead of Barzani family (not the tribe ) who are acting as Anglo-Saxon and Turkish agent.
    Lastly and most importantly, Iran is now hesitating to engage ISIL terrorists because of the propaganda by Anglo-Saxon to inflame the Sunni Shi’a issue in order to get more recruits for their creation ISIL terrorists.
    But if General Sisi as the head of the Sunni countries ask Iran to join the Anglo-Saxon will lose their main propaganda issue.
    A wise military leader like Sisi knows well that such a group can never come out of nowhere and suddenly within a year create mayhem in such incredible scale without major involvement of the only power capable of doing such thing.
    A lot more can be said but for the wise even this is plenty.

  2. Who are the enemies? For the puppet leaders in the Arab world, this is not the Zionist entity who are the enemy. The Arab leaders may not even be able to maintain power a single day without help from the United States and Zionism . For Daesh and leaders in the Arab world this is not Israel which is enemy but Iran, Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah and Hamas are the real enemy. In other words, a new military alliance will be directed not against Zionism or Daesh but against Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Iraq and Hamas.

  3. @Bahram = have you been reading everything inside out and upside down??
    Your name suggests your not a typical stupid arab – but you sound like a typical arab.
    Sisi is the Wests insurance policy against the Muslim Brotherhood – why do you think they have not said anything or done anything against Sisi since his Coup?
    The Muslim Brotherhood are and were the creation and puppets of western intelligence but when they came to power they decided against the agenda set out for them.
    This is why things have turned out like they have as they were no longer prepared to go along and be puppets.
    The egyption people are thick as concrete blocks if they think they have any kind of democracy or power etc etc.
    Just another dictator Sisi is.
    And no we dont want a bunch of camel fools in iraq.

  4. sisi is another puppet of west just like mobarak or worse desroyed gaza together with israel but welcome to unite muslims against ISIS ton wipe off this bunch of stupid suckers off iraq and syria not just for sake of his pocket from gulf states

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