URGENT: ISIS opens Faculty of Medicine, graduation in 3 years


( The ISIS organization announced that a Faculty of Medicine had opened in Raqqa province; its main premises is in Syria, and the duration of the study is only 3 years. It includes both theoretical and practical sides in six levels.


ISIS put some conditions for a student to be able to apply for the Faculty of Medicine. First, the student should not be less than 18 years and not more than 30 years old. Also, he/she must have a high school diploma (scientific department) at a rate of 80% or more, according to internet users in the city.



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  1. Why is it that all of a sudden a group of 30,000 men got united till death and managed to take one decision unitedly and become terrorists to the eye of the rest of the world.

    What could be this extreme enthusiasm that these fighters possess in their hearts that they could sway one third of Iraq at this lightening speed that a Government regiment ran away out of fear.

    What are the differences between the ISIS 30,000 terrorists and Iraqi Government 9,30,000 Armies that with the advantage of this huge difference of Armies, Government could not even stand against ISIS and ran away leaving 1/3 of their country.

    It has to be accepted that ISIS would have taken up Iraq completely if the coalition would not be there.

    The world is fighting against some true brave mankind and standing with some true coward mankind.

    Think ISIS people, people like you, rather a terrorist and find yourself a reason should you and would you ever stay with a brave, courageous man or a man heart of coward. Who good or who bad is never to decide, it’s to act.

  2. So Mohammed,

    Tell how brave and courageous there ISIS men are when they are kidnapping raping and killing women in northern Iraq and Syria. I want to know how brave and courageous these men of ISIS are as they lead hundreds of innocent people to firing squads to their death…just like the German Nazis did in WW2. How brave and courageous are these men of ISIS as they cut off the heads of journalists and other innocent people all in the name of Allah. How does a God of love and mercy condone your Satanic actions? You shall all be routed and destroyed by the real Muslims believers and Christians and Jews alike, for you… ISIS are the embodiment of, and manifestation of Satan Himself…. ISIS shall be wiped from the earth to swell the societies of the hells of the Jinn… You are pure EVIL.

  3. Br. Mohammad Those who do not care about human life you are talking about their enthusiasm. They call themselves Muslims but do not have any respect for human life that too with barbaric action. No human on earth will call them a human being rather they are worse than animals. Still they are continuing their inhuman activities. May Allah put them into the lowest level of the Hell.

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