Thursday, August 11, 2022


Urgent: ISIS threatens to behead two Japanese hostages if not paid $200 million


( On Tuesday, the terrorist ISIS organization published a video showing two Japanese hostages it held, demanding the Japanese government a ransom of 200 million dollars in exchange for their release, otherwise they will be beheaded. The Japanese Foreign Ministry expressed its disapproval to the threat and considered it unacceptable.

The news agency ‘Reuters’ said in a report followed by “The terrorist ISIS organization published a video showing a masked man dressed in black, raising a knife before two Japanese hostages dressed in orange and standing in a desert area.”

According to the video, the masked man gave the Japanese people 72 hours to put pressure on their government to stop its support for the U.S.-led coalition forces to launch a military campaign against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, demanding a ransom of $200 million in exchange for the release of the detained on Monday.

For its part, the Japanese Foreign Ministry stated that, it will investigate the authenticity of the video to see whether it’s real footage, and stressed that, “Such a threat—if its validity is proved—is unacceptable and we are very displeased.”

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