Urgent: ISIS threatens to take the fight to Amman, vows revenge against coalition pilots

Moaz al-Kasasbeh who was detained by ISIS was burned alive.
Moaz al-Kasasbeh who was detained by ISIS was burned alive.

( On Wednesday, the ISIS organization vowed to launch “terrorist” attacks in the center of the Jordanian capital Amman, and to take the fight to it if any harm is inflicted on its elements in the Jordanian prisons.

ISIS also vowed revenge against all pilots involved in the international campaign against it.

The terrorist group said in a statement reported by several websites, yet to be verified by, “King of Jordan declared war on the Islamic State and took side with the enemies of Islam of Crusaders and Shiites, supplying them with arms and sharing their hatred against our practices.”

“King of Jordan must know that if any of our elements in his prisons are harmed, the Islamic State will take the fight to the heart of Amman,” it added.

ISIS said, “Our men will not be silenced until Allah’s punishment has fallen upon all pilots who poured out their hatred on the Islamic State.”

On Tuesday evening, the Jordanian Army announced, in a statement broadcast on national television, that Lieutenant Moaz al-Kasasbeh who was detained by ISIS was burned alive.


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  1. Big talk from the walking dead. Now maybe all you backward thinking oligarch run cesspool nations will start to unwind this insanity that your leaders and preachers have brought to you.

  2. I don’t understand how ignorant and dumb people are always blame President Obama in their b******t. Obama is not the reason for Isis. The world need to put themselves together to fight Isis.

  3. Why is US/UK/France/Jordan/Iran wasting time. Bomb those screens in Raqqa. Warn all who consider themselves to be not with ISIS in Raqqa, to move out in 2 weeks and give them a zone to go to. Then level Raqqa to ground. This 4 months bombing is a joke. unless you force Sunnis to rise against ISIS, this will go on. And they will only rise if they know that they could be harmed by living with ISIS.

  4. Yes, they´re nothingt but cowards. Have you seen them crying like little boys when they get caught by iraki or syrian armys?

  5. You may have let him burn for your insane and fruitless efforts to achieve some sadistic plot and although no one should endure a tragic death such as this, he burned for a maximum of 30 seconds, while all of you will burn in the fiery pits of hell for eternity as he watches from Heaven. You are all a disgrace to the human race, I will not categorize you as Islamic. I hope that no one has ever shown you any kindness in your life and you should be ashamed to call yourself your mother’s child. I cannot wait to watch you all burn in hell, I’ll be looking for you all specifically from heaven no matter how many years from now I die, I will remember this atrocity.

  6. The ISIS operation has similarities to that of an Octopus. Bilaterally symmetric with a brain that issues high level commands to the arms and nerve cords executing the orders.Being sensitive
    to stimuli it can move away from unpleasant situations.Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is the brain of the
    ISIS Octopus.

  7. John on the forum is a dumb a*s ISIL agent and the Iraqi people can read the US on the packaging of heaps of humanitarian aid that was given to the Iraqi people. Obama also provided heaps of ammunition and assorted weapons to used against ISIL. Plus provided Billions to Iraq as development aid to build things like homes, businesses, hospitals in Iraq, and that in turn provided Iraqi people with employment so they can afford to feed themselves. Obama is also helping Iraq to defeat ISIL and so that millions who fled from ISIL can return to their homes and live in peace.

  8. As I stated more than 9 months ago, ISIL will defeat itself through strategic stupidity. Those who think this criminal organisation cannot be defeated and defeated quickly are truly deluded. There is has never perhaps in history been an organisation or military force run by a dumber bunch than the leadership of ISIS. Focusing strictly on short-term tactical gains, it is working itself deep into quicksand from which it will never, ever exit. A leadership of born losers leading misfits and psychopaths!

  9. whoever is tying to go to iraq to help isis will never survive or return to enjoy life with his families and country ,isis is controlled by dead military ,all walking dead.

  10. Why should America help we did enough damage over there we shouldn’t be over there thats why the whole world hates us we’re all in someone’s business when we shouldn’t be

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