Thursday, August 11, 2022


Urgent: Kurdish Peshmerga forces regain control over Syrian city of Kobanî


( On Monday, activists in the Syrian town of Kobanî stated that the Kurdish forces, known as ‘Peshmerga’, have regained full control of the city, explaining that the ISIS organization is currently stationing about 6 km away from the border.

A civil rights activist in Kobanî, Shorsh Van Dosky, said in an interview for, “The Kurdish forces regained full control of the Kurdish Syrian city of Kobanî,” noting that, “The Kaniya Kurdan neighborhood has been liberated; it was the last area in the grip of ISIS.”

Dosky added, “The ISIS militants are currently stationed nearly 6 km away from the borders of Kobanî,” pointing out that, “Kurdish Peshmerga forces, now present in Kobanî, have taken all precautions to secure the city against any possible attacks by ISIS.”

Dosky emphasized that, “The People’s Defense Units (YPG) began to raise its flags throughout the city and the highlands that surround it,” adding that, “It is expected that the displaced population from the city on the Syrian-Turkish border start returning to their homes.”

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