URGENT Video: ISIS personally threatens Russian President Putin with seized Russian fighter jets

Member of ISIS sitting in captured Russian Sukhoi fighter jet in Tabaqa Airport in Raqqa, Syria.
Member of ISIS sitting in captured Russian Sukhoi fighter jet in Tabaqa Airport in Raqqa, Syria.

( The video which follows this article was published on social media by members of the terrorist organization, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, includes threats to attack Russian President Vladimir Putin and liberate Chechnya and the Caucus Region with Russian fighter jets and missiles ISIS had seized from Tabaqa Airport in Raqqa, Syria as reported by on 27 August.

Vladimir Putin, an ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, is a principal supplier of weapons and equipment for Syrian government forces.

A member of ISIS directs his words to Putin, “these Russian planes which you had sent to Bashar, God willing, will be sent back to your own country; we will liberate Chechnya, and the Caucasus, God willing,” adding that “your throne is threatened by us.”

The ISIS video also threatened to use air strikes to destroy the home of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. An ISIS narrator says to Assad that “you will not enjoy sleeping.”

It is known that Putin dealt harshly with the Muslims of Chechnya who aspired to gain full independence from Russia during the Russian-Chechen wars of 1994 and 1999.


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  1. These idiots are hanging out at this museum a mile from my house. That jet has no motor unless it can run off the sparrows that live in the thrust hulls. An the guy in the dirty car isn’t even saying anything he has a extreme speech issue. The other 2 are babysitting my neighbors child. So Putin you have met your makers!!!

  2. Yeah well there was this slightly disturbed German dude, guy by the name of Matthias Rust, back in the Cold War, made it all the way to Red Square in a rented Cessna m)

    • Well, a Cessna 150 is a LOT easier to fly than a modern (or cold war era) fighter jet! My 4-year old Grandson could fly the Cessna!
      You think that bearded idiot in the cockpit could take on another experienced fighter, or better yet, simply start it and get it off the ground? Get real dude!

  3. Obviously ISIS is not familiar with Russia’s Sukhoi-35 fighter jets. Theses jets will blast these guys to pieces from 30 miles away before they even get their seat belts fastened. They won’t even be able to find the start button.

    • same like this sometimes taliban wanted to run and fly a jet in afghanistan that jet was remained because of useless and technical problem , because of their foolness one of them made eject , the top glass over pilot was not opened and the pilot seat made him salad inside the mig21 jet cockpit

  4. Does anyone realize they got only one jet but both articles show two different jets. Look at the color. I say we cut the heads off the liberal news here in the States for trying to start a race war then go kick some ISIS A*S!!!

  5. LMFAO Yea threatening Obama is one thing.You f**k with Putin and its game over….I hope they really try to hit Russia,Ole Valddy wont play that s**t

  6. I believe USA / UK are responsible for creating situation in Iraq, wars now out of control, it is disastrous.
    There are internal and regional solution, it is wrong dragging other countries and groups into Iraq and Islamic State’s wars and sectarian problems, as it only makes matters worse, air strikes bombing by President Abama USA and UK and others involved should stop, it is not their war or business.
    They are not in this already mess they made for nothing but self interest.

  7. Hahahah, Isis! Intellectually starved illiterate shits! My father told me that if you give someone enough rope, they will hang themselves! Well these jihad brainwashed clowns have had there day! its a cult that will never see the light of day! you jihad muslim hypocrits are upseting the wrong sort of countries! youll end up hanging yourselves! These people have no place in modern times! There beliefs and there ways are a joke! Laughing stock!


  9. Islam fundamental learn then trust and believe.
    don,t look how people apply the rule you show them the reality

  10. This guys forget or simply too naive to threaten Putin with their god will. Never heard about communist and atheist, eh? It doesn’t work with him.

  11. It’s now April 2015 and they still haven’t captured Baghdad and now the Iraqi forces are forcing them to retreat. So here is just another example of them talking a load of rubbish.

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