US will confront ISIS in Syria, will not cooperate with al-Assad’s regime

The American Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel
The American Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

( The American Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said that Syria’s border will not hinder US actions to eliminate ISIS and that President Barack Obama has the constitutional and the executive powers to carry out air strikes against the organization even within Syria.

Hegel said “The military leaders agree to act immediately against the organization of the Islamic state, although the coalition against it should use all available tools.”

In this context, Hegel emphasized that the United States would not cooperate with the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, adding: “We will continue to impose political and economical restrictions on the Syrian regime.”

He stressed that there are “a real threat to the Middle East and our allies in Europe,” pointing out that the organization uses “a mix of military tactics and brutal methods.”

On the other hand, Hegel said that the Defense Ministry will train 5,000 fighters from the Syrian opposition to help them in confronting the Islamic State.


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  1. A legitimate opposition would sit in the parliament, as a number of opposition parties do in Damascus.
    The lie that Hagel, Dempsey and Obama are arming ‘opposition’ will not stand. They are criminally arming terrorists, and this crime will not go away.
    Due to the deadly power of the Great Satan it will be difficult to bring these criminals to justice. Note that the mass killer of Cambodians Kissinger is still walking around free many decades after his enormous crimes.
    But the clock is ticking. The District of Criminals will fall, as will Whorel Street and the Sh*tty of London.
    Then we will have justice, (and our revenge).

  2. Dear Barack Obama’s Guardian Angel. Please, whisper to his ears to let go of his contempt of Assad. They need each other to defeat ISIL. This is not about which religion is right. This is now about saving humanity. We are all of God’s children, we were given the choice to be human and experience the power of giving life to a child and feel how God Loves! Being human also means we are on our own. Only our Guardian Angels are with us. We must take care and love each other because we are one family in God’s kingdom.

    We will see God once again in his kingdom.

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