Video: Ahrar al-Ashayer launches offensive to retake its headquarters in As Suwayda

As Suwayda (Syria News) Jaysh Ahrar al-Ashayer (Army of Free Tribes) announced, this morning, launching an offensive to retake its headquarters, east of As Suwayda.

Qasioun News reported that Jaysh Ahrar al-Ashayer militia has announced launching an operation, codenamed “Restoration of Dignity,” in order to retake the headquarters it lost to the regime forces, east of As Suwayda.

The militia launched an attack on the Syrian regime forces and allied militias in al-She’ab area, east of As Suwayda, killing and wounding several members of the government forces, while the militia lost over 15 members.

In the last few days, Syrian regime forces recaptured large areas in the eastern countryside of As Suwayda and the border with Jordan.

It is noteworthy that Jaysh al-Ashayer had withdrew toward the Jordanian territory, after the fierce attacks launched by the Syrian army against it, backed by heavy aerial cover.

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