War monitor: Islamic State militant who booby-trapped own daughters killed in Damascus

Abdul-Rahman Shaddad, aka abu Nemer al-Souri, an Islamic State militant who was killed in Damascus after appearing in a video preparing his little daughters for a suicide attack.

Baghdad ( An Islamic State militant who appeared in a controversial video booby-trapping his little daughters to carry out suicide bombings was killed in an attack in Damascus, a Syrian war monitor NGO said Sunday.

Abdul-Rahman Shaddad, aka Abu Nemer al-Souri, died of wounds sustained in an attack in Tishreen, on the outskirts of Damascus, according to the UK-based opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

It quoted sources as saying that the militant was killed by his own militia, Fatah al-Sham Front (formerly Nusra Front).

Shaddad was seen in a recent video with his wife, both preparing their two little girls, the older of whom was nearly nine-years-old, to carry out a suicide bombing. One of the two daughters is believed to be behind a suicide bombing that hit a police station at al-Maidan district of Damascus ten days ago, which left three policeman injured.

The emergence of Islamic State in 2014 intensified violence in the seven-year-old conflict between Bashar al-Assad’s regime and dissident forces, with 400.000 estimated dead.

Islamic State has been infamous for drafting child soldiers, with many either appearing in paramilitary drills or carrying out executions of persons the group sentenced to death.

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