Washington Times: Intervention of U.S. and Israel in Syria becomes inevitable

Washington Times: Intervention of U.S. and Israel in Syria becomes inevitable
U.S. troops. File photo.

(Syria News) The Washington Times published an article about the U.S. and Israeli direct intervention in Syria, after the latest military development in the country.

The online newspaper reported, “When the U.S. Air Force shot down one of Bashar Assad’s fighter planes the United States made the first direct intervention in the war, where it has maintained a defensive shield to protect only American interests.”

“The Trump administration has studiously avoided conflict with either Russia or Iran, which supports the Assad regime. Israel, a contiguous neighbor, has tried to remain neutral, too,” Washington Times added.

It is noteworthy, Israeli Air Force bombarded locations of the Syria government forces several times, while the US-led international coalition carried out air strikes, targeting Syrian regime convoys in the Syrian Badiyah, before reaching the Syrian-Iraqi borders.

Furthermore, Israel shelled several areas in Syria when shells fell in the occupied Golan Heights.

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  1. US and Jewish forces must be expelled from the entire Middle East region. It is the Jews using US power that has engulfed the wars in the region. The Jews want to rule the entire world and impose
    their laws and religion on the world as the ancient Romans did two thousands years ago. Jews
    and Kurds are dangerous to peace and security in the region.

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