Saturday, May 28, 2022


Adil Abdul Mahdi gives up his pensions

Adil Abdul Mahdi gives up his pensions

Baghdad ( The leader within the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Adil Abdul Mahdi, announced his decision to give up his retirement pensions as a former Vice-President.

In a statement received by, Abdul Mahdi said Tuesday “I instructed my office to stop receiving my retirement pensions as a former Vice-President in order to encourage other officials to legislate a law that would bring justice and fair for all employees, officials and parliamentary members.”

Abdul Mahdi justified his decision by saying that “It came in harmony with the call of the supreme religious authorities and to provide justice for the Iraqi People and building the state of the citizen rather than the state of the official and to support the initiative of the MPs from the Citizen Bloc and Ahrar bloc as well as any other initiative related to the issue of retirement and salaries of the MPs, three Presidencies and the members of the Provincial Councils.”

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