Ahrar bloc to attend Sunday session, says Timimi

Ahrar bloc to attend Sunday session, says Timimi

Baghdad ( MP, Ali al-Timimi, of Ahrar bloc mentioned “Ahrar bloc will attend the urgent session on next Sunday.”

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he said “The bloc will participate in the session but we will not approve canceling the Debaathfication law even if the Iraqiya Slate insisted on this issue.”

“Ahrar bloc will not agree upon canceling this law because neglecting the procedures of the Justice and Accountability will result in bringing back many Ba’athists who killed the innocent Iraqis,” he concluded.

Earlier, Nijaifi called, Wednesday, to hold an urgent session to discuss the political crisis two days before the scheduled date for resuming parliament sessions.

A statement by the media office of the Parliament cited “Nijaifi called to hold an exceptional session on next Sunday morning to discuss the current crisis.”

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