Iraqi News publishes Alwani’s statements in Anbar demonstrations

AIN publishes Alwani\

Baghdad ( A source within the parliamentary investigations committee formed to investigate the statements of MP, Ahmed al-Alwani, of the Iraqiya Slate during the demonstrations in Anbar province.

The Telecommunications and Media Committee provided Alwani’s statement that was considered against Shiite.

Alwani stated, according to the Telecommunication and Media Committee “A victory will be for us and let the agents of Iran hear that.”

“This is Falluja that defeated the US Troops and we will revolute against the agents, the pigs and sons of pigs,” he added.

The source added “The report of the Telecommunication and the Media Committee stated that Alwani’s statements were released at 15:51 on Sunday afternoon in the 23rd of December 2012.”

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