Alawi describes Maliki, Barzani’s disputes as “Electoral game”

Alawi describes Maliki, Barzani\

Baghdad ( The independent MP Hasan al-Alawi described the disputes between the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of Kurdistan Region over several files as “An electoral game.”

Alawi said in a press conference held at the parliament on Tuesday “The disputes between Maliki and Barzani are personal and these disputes are for electoral aims through escalating statements to attract the voters for them.”

“Maliki fears the strong competition from the Sadr Trend so he started to attract the Sunni and Shiite population who stand beside Maliki for national reasons which is the same for Barzani who noticed that his role started to weaken in front of the Islamic trends in Kurdistan Region who attempts to attracts the Kurdish support,” Alawi added.

“The population does not have any tendency to participate in the next electoral process because they have fed up with the political promises so the current disputes between Maliki and Barzani aim to attract support,” MP Alawi.

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