Alewi accuses Qaeda of being behind Sunday bombings

Alewi accuses Qaeda of being behind Sunday bombings

Baghdad ( MP, Karim Alewi, of the Iraqi National Alliance accused al-Qaeda Terrorist Organization of being behind Sunday bombings.

He stated to Iraqi News ( “Al-Qaeda is behind Sunday bombings and the current demonstrations in some provinces is an evidence of bringing this organization to Baghdad by exploiting the current situation and the support of some political and social sides to be dominant in Baghdad where it targeted the Shiite areas which is considered a sectarian situation.”

“We call the government to strictly deal with the sides that lead the demonstrations such as Ali Hatam Slaiman who has an army inside the western provinces,” he added.

Earlier, Slaiman, while meeting the demonstrators in Ramadi city of Anbar province, granted Anbar Provincial Council and the security leaders in the province one weak to leave their posts otherwise, they will face the consequences.

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