Alewi calls to arrest Qardhawi while visiting Iraq

Alewi calls to arrest Qardhawi while visiting Iraq

Baghdad ( MP, Karim Alewi, of the Iraqi National Alliance called for arresting Qardhawi while visiting Iraq.

He stated in a press statement received by “Qardhawi is well know of being an enemy to the current situation in Iraq and he does not want Iraq to be among the Arab countries where some of the politicians, not the demonstrators, call Qardhawi to visit Iraq to create disputes especially for the Sunni sect and this is a rejected issue.”

He called “The government to arrest Qardhawi while visiting Iraq because the aim of his visit is to create tensions and confusing the situation.”

“Qardhawi has to follow the formal procedures by getting the visa from the government if he wants to visit Iraq,” he concluded.

Media outlets mentioned that Barzani invited the Egyptian Clergyman, Yousif al-Qardhawi, to visit Kurdistani Region.

The outlets added that Qardhawi will visit Anbar to address the demonstrators over the current crisis in Iraq.

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