Allaq: Special committee to carefully deal with demonstrators’ demands

Allaq: Special committee to carefully deal with demonstrators\

Baghdad ( MP, Ali al-Allaq, of the State of Law Coalition stated “The joint committee formed by the political blocs over the demonstrators’ demands will study the demands carefully.”

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he said “Forming the committee agreed upon by the political blocs is a primary settlement that is to study the discussed options carefully to respond to the demonstrators’ demands in all the provinces then it will submit its report after three days to be discussed in a practical way.”

“There are real solutions that we are trying to achieve to satisfy all sides, but the Iraqiya Slate submitted political demands such as the General Amnesty, the Justice and Accountability and the Terrorism law drafts where we also have demands that are to bring justice to the victims’ families who faced terrorism,” he added.

“All need guarantees to eliminate the terrorism and Baath party in Iraq where it cannot be achieved easily,” he concluded.

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