Allawi’s Movement calls government to reconsider corruption issues of armament deal with Russia

Baghdad ( The Iraqi National Accord, headed by the head of the Iraqiya Slate, Ayad Allawi, called the government to reconsider the corruption accompanied the armament deal with Russia.

The spokesperson of the INA, Salah Abdul Allah, stated in a press statement received by on Monday “The government, a long time ago, started to deal with the crises by creating new crises and the contradictory statements to cover its failure and the corrupted officials.”

“The investigation of one of the important and sensitive corruption issues which is the armament deal, lacks the credibility to show that Iraq is in the formal corruption as assured by the international organizations,” he added.

“The INA considers dealing with such issue in this way will result in negative results that affect the future of Iraq and its national position where we call the government to reconsider the investigation where it is responsible for all the important decisions without consulting the parliament,” he pointed out.

“The government has to stop adopting the new dictatorship and stealing the public fund publicly,” he concluded.

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