Alwani calls Government to eliminate poverty in Iraq

Alwani calls Government to eliminate poverty in Iraq

Baghdad ( MP Khalid al-Alwani of the Iraqiya Slate called the Iraqi Government to adopt a strategy to reduce poverty through addressing the unemployment.

Alwani expressed “his surprise on the poverty percentage which reached 37% in Iraq without observing any step by the concerned authorities to cope with this issue.”

“There are families that suffer from extreme poverty as in the southern provinces where the poverty rate ranges between 48-56%, while in other provinces it is less than 10% as in Kurdistan Region’s provinces,” he added.

“The Government is in charge of eradicating poverty through creating job opportunities and activating all the laws that help fix this issue,” Alwani added noting “The relevant authorities should realize that the poverty is a key reason of spread of crimes due to destitution, and spread of ignorance.”

Observers have confirmed that the rate of poverty in Iraq amounted to 37% where people live under line of poverty.

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