Alwani criticizes attacking Qardhawi

Alwani criticizes attacking Qardhawi

Baghdad ( MP, Khalid al-Alwani, of the Iraqiya Slate criticized attacking the Egyptian Clergyman, Yousif al-Qardhawi who intends to visit Iraq.

In a press statement received by on Friday, Alwani said “Attacking Qardhawi by some MPs is a sectarian rumor and a provocation to the feelings of all Muslims,” assuring that “Qardhawi had a big role in bringing the Islamic sects closer and unit the Muslims.”

“The Sunni masses in Iraq respect the Shiite religious authorities and did not attack them,” he added, noting that” Qardhawi is welcomed in all the Islamic and non-Islamic countries due to his value.”

“We welcome Qardhawi in Anbar province and the demonstrations, if he will decide to visit Iraq,” he concluded.

Media outlets mentioned that Barzani invited the Egyptian Clergyman, Yousif al-Qardhawi, to visit Kurdistani Region.

The outlets added that Qardhawi will visit Anbar to address the demonstrators over the current crisis in Iraq.

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