Anbar demonstrations plot prepared by Turkey, Qatar, Israel, says Batiekh

Anbar demonstrations plot prepared by Turkey, Qatar, Israel, says Batiekh

Baghdad ( The Secretary General of the White Bloc, Jamal al-Bateikh, stressed that the protests and sit-ins in Anbar province are not a reaction to the marginalization and exclusion as some people claim, but rather it is a plot studied in dark rooms in Turkey, Qatar and Israel to establish what is so-called the Iraqi spring.

In a statement received by on Sunday, Batiekh said that “What is happening in Anbar is planned previously in each of Turkey Israel and Qatar.”

He added that “Raising the old Iraqi flag, and that of Kurdistan Region and of what is so-called the Syrian Revolution is a plot that is planned in advance by those countries for their fear that Iraq may restore its standing as a leader of the Arab world, thus prompted Iraq’s enemies to think of such plots with cooperation of internal sides.”

“The surprise visit of the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, to Jordon annoyed some regional and Arab countries since Jordon is targeted where there are conspiracies to overthrow its regime, however Maliki’s visit strengthened Jordon through concluding security and economic agreements between both countries,” Bateikh stressed.

It is worth mentioning that Anbar witnesses since a week demonstrations to protest the arrest of the guards of the Finance Minister, Rafa al-Issawi.

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