Araji denies being involved in money-laundering case of CBI

Araji denies being involved in money-laundering case of CBI

Baghdad ( The head of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Baha al-Araji, denied being involved in the corruption suspicions of the Central Bank of Iraq, stressing that the Integrity Committee was the first to investigate in this issue.

Araji told that “What was stated by certain MP who is close to the ruling party about accusing me of involvement in the corruption case of the CBI is utterly rejected,” stressing “Our Committee was the first to refer the case of the CBI to the Integrity Commission on 25th, last June which means before forming the commission by the Parliament to investigate the issue.”

He continued saying “What was reached by the parliamentary Integrity committee is times what has been reached by the investigative committee.”

It is worth to mention that certain member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee has threatened to reveal the names of the officials who are involved in the money-laundering at the CBI.

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