Araji describes Baghdad demonstrations as Paid for political interests

Araji describes Baghdad demonstrations as "Paid for political interests"

Baghdad ( The head of al-Ahrar bloc, Baha al-Araji, described the demonstrations in Baghdad as “Not spontaneity and paid for political interests”

In a press conference held on Saturday, he said “The demonstrations in Anbar province were spontaneity, but Baghdad ones that happened on Saturday were not spontaneity and paid for political interests in addition to creating a big crisis.”

He called “Not to militarize the public for the personal interests,” he added, noting that “There is no unified stance to settle the issue of the demonstrations.”

“Some political sides exploit the governmental institutions to make the demonstrations to be apposite to Anbar demonstrations,” he pointed out.

“All the political blocs and the chieftains signed on an honor covenant and they are requested to adhere to it by consulting each other to respond to the demands of the demonstrations,” he concluded.

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