Asadi calls to investigate Basra Police Commander

Asadi calls to investigate Basra Police Commander

Baghdad ( MP, Hussein al-Asadi, of the Iraqi National Alliance called the government and the judicial sides to investigate Basra Police Commander, Faisal l-Ebadi, for arrested the staff of the media office of Basra Governorate.

In a press conference held at the parliament building, Asadi said “The staff of the media office of Basra Governorate was arrested under the charges of distributing leaflets condemning the return of the Ba’ath Party and the discrimination that Basra province is witnessing.”

“The staff is authorized to practice their media tasks,” he added, noting that “Arresting the citizens without judicial warrants is a constitutional breach according to the sections (A, B and C) of Article 37 of the constitution,” he added.

He pointed out “Such arrests are considered as limiting the media role and imposing the wills against the citizens’ will in addition to violating the law.”

“The judiciary was informed to hold am investigation with Ebadi and the officials in the police station in addition to submitting another claim to the parliament by the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee and the office of the General Commander of the Armed Forces to reveal the sides behind conducting the attest,” he assured.

“The parliament will host Ebadi on the 10th of February,” he concluded.

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