Asadi: Reconsidering CoM’s decision over canceling Ration Card resulted from public pressure

Asadi: Reconsidering CoM\

Baghdad ( The Secretary General of al-Ahrar bloc within the Sadr Trend, Dhiya al-Asadi, stated that the decision of the Council of Ministers over canceling its decision about the Ration Card is resulted from the public pressure.

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he said “Reconsidering this decision by the CoM shows the instability of the government in making decisions where this decision was canceled due to the public pressure.”

“The latest decisions over enabling the citizens to choose either the Ration Card or the financial support is a wrong decision and resulted from the lack of ability to diagnose the mistakes of planning in such cases,” he concluded.

Earlier, the Spokesman of the Government, Ali al-Dabbagh, announced “The Council of Ministers amended its decision over canceling the Ration Card.”

A statement by Dabbagh’s received by cited on Sunday “The Cabinet amended its decision to serve the Iraqis’ interests.”

“There will be a press conference by the Government Spokesman to explain the decision,” the statement concluded.

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