Baghdad, KRG and UN discuss Mosul Humanitarian Plan

KRG, UN and Iraqi delegations meeting in Erbil.
KRG, UN and Iraqi delegations meeting in Erbil.

( Baghdad – The KRG Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC) organized on a joint meeting between KRG, Iraqi government, and UN-Humanitarian Country Team, in order to discuss the Mosul Humanitarian Strategy and Response Plan (HRP) for 2017.

After several decisions, KRG and the Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to ensure a well-coordinated response to the anticipated waves of displacement resulting from the Mosul offensive.

During the meeting, the KRG Foreign Relations Minister urged the donors to act quickly, sufficiently, and effectively in order to avert a looming humanitarian catastrophe, and said, “KRG is running out of money to sustain its current level of humanitarian support to the IDPs and refugees and its capacity to take in more IDPs is extremely limited.”

The meeting was chaired by the KRG’s Minister of Interior, Karim Sinjari, and attended by several ministers from KRG and Baghdad as well as the Humanitarian coordinator and senior representative of the UN-Agencies.

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