Bahrain hands Iraq a list of wanted terrorists: ambassador

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Baghdad ( Bahrain has handed Iraq the names of terror suspects on its wanted list for their involvement into terrorist activities in the kingdom, the Bahraini ambassador to Iraq said in statements on Tuesday.

Salah al-Maliki told Anadolu Agency that “those terrorists are wanted by the Bahraini judiciary for having committed terrorist acts before fleeing to Iraq”.

According to Maliki, “those are not less dangerous than Daesh (Islamic State)”, adding that “Manama expects Iraq to arrest them”.

The ambassador did not enumerate individuals on the list nor revealed their identity or affiliations.

Bahrain had previously criticized Iraqi authorities for sheltering persons sought for justice at the kingdom.

In August, Bahrain foreign minister Khaled Al Khalifa made a surprise visit to Iraq to ease tensions between both countries.

Though ruled by a Sunni Muslim dynasty, Bahrain is home to a vast Shia majority.

World freedom groups have regularly criticized Bahrain for persecuting Shia opposition activists.

Iraqi Shia clerics, politicians and international human rights groups have occasionally slammed Bahrain’s crackdown on Shia opposition figures.

Protests by the Bahrain’s majority Shia community in 2011, demanding improved political rights and freedoms, were stifled after intervention by a Gulf Cooperation Council military force.



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