Barzani: Russian Armament Contract failed

Barzani: Russian Armament Contract failed

Baghdad ( Kurdistan Region President, Masoud Barzani, said that the Russian Armament Contract failed.

During an interview with the Voice of Russia, Masoud added “We dream of independence for the Kurds, and this is our right, and it is normal, but we do not want to achieve this dream by force.”

“Kurds will never be the cause of the division of Iraq, but we will not allow anyone to violate the rights of the Kurdistan Region that are provided in the Iraqi Constitution,” he mentioned.

Asked about the contract of the Russian oil company Gazprom oil, with Kurdistan Region, and whether the Iraqi government opposes this, Barzani said, “Yes, in fact, the federal government still opposes the contracts signed by the Government of the Region with foreign companies to develop oil and gas reserves.

“To our knowledge, “Gazprom oil” will not leave its work in Kurdistan Region at the present time, and is about to sign a new contract with the Region,” he clarified.

He called “The countries willing to supply Iraqi Army with arms to set a condition of not using these weapons in the internal conflicts and disputes.”

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