Batiekh criticizes Erdogan’s latest statements

Batiekh criticizes Erdogan\

Baghdad ( The Secretary General of the White bloc, Jamal al-Batiekh, criticized the latest statements of the Turkish Prime Minister, Rajab Tayib Erdogan.

He stated in a press statement received by “Erdogan’s statements and interference in the internal situation of Iraq are resulted from the lack of the unity of Iraq‘s foreign policy of some blocs that allowed Erdogan to release such statements.”

“Regarding Erdugan’s statements over a civil war in Iraq, we would like to tell him that you always assured that the conflict in Iraq will continue, but with the efforts of the national leaders and the Iraqi people we defeated the seditions where your attempts to make civil war in Iraq will not succeed,” he added.

He called Erdogan “Not to interfere in the Iraqi issues because Iraq has sovereignty and trying to settle the crisis in the region.”

It is worth mentioning that a leading Iraqi Kurdish figure has revealed that the PM Erdogan informed the Premier of Kurdistan Region, Nijirvan Barzani, during his participation in an economic conference held in Istanbul in last week, that the Central Government of Baghdad of trying to drag Iraq into a civil war.

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