Batiekh: ISF supervision on disputed areas step towards settlement

Batiekh: ISF supervision on disputed areas "step towards settlement"

Baghdad ( The Secretary General of the White bloc, Jamal al-Batiekh, assured that “Running the security file in the disputed areas by a joint Command is a first step to solve the pending issues between the Federal Government and the Kurdistani Regional Government.”

He stated to Iraqi News ( “The White bloc supports this proposal to settle the crises and the disputes which recently becomes more complicated due to neglecting the constitution and the general interests.”

He expressed his hope to form a joint command for the security forces in these areas for its positive impact on the security stability and to improve the relations between the Iraqi Federal Forces and the Pishmirga.

He asked all sides “To show flexibility and to avoid the media escalation in such stances.”

“The current stage must witness compromises among the Iraqi sides especially between the Iraq Federal army and the Kurdish security forces,” he concluded.

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