Bazouni: Splitting Iraq into 3 states only solution to resolve crisis

Bazouni: "Splitting Iraq into 3 states only solution to resolve crisis"

Baghdad ( MP Jawad al-Bazouni of the Iraqi National Alliance stressed in a serious statement that “The solution to address the current political crisis in Iraq is to split it into three states, noting that “The split of Iraq became the request of the public and the politicians.”

Bazouni mentioned in a statement received by on Monday “Because of their failure in fulfilling their electoral programmes in their electoral areas, the politicians realized well their inability to preserve their posts in the upcoming local elections, thus prompted them to spark sectarianism to ensure their re-election on sectarian bases in the next local elections away from professionalism and efficiency.”

“The problem is there are internal and foreign agendas seek to split Iraq through launching illegal demands or disturbing the ratification of laws or through hindering the dialogue and so forth. Hence the only solution to resolve the crisis is to divide the country into three states where it grew the demand of the masses and the politicians,” he added.

“I call on the Shiites in Nineveh and Kirkuk to migrate to the south of Iraq or those who want reversed migration,” Bazouni concluded.

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