Urgent – Pishmirga Ministry, MoD agree upon reconsidering formation of DOC

Breaking News...Pishmirga Ministry, MoD agree upon reconsidering formation of DOC

Baghdad ( The Pishmirga Ministry revealed reaching agreement with the Ministry of Defense of the Federal Government to reconsider the formation of Dijla Operations Command.

A statement by Pishmirga Ministry received by cited “The delegation of Kurdistan Region submitted a message involved 14 points during its meeting with the MoD,” noting that “These points were discussed extensively where most of these points were approved after exchanging the views between the two sides over them.”

“These points were adopted to be submitted to the Ministerial Committee that will meet on Wednesday to approved by the Minister of Pishmirga, Minister of Interior with Kurdistani Regional Government, the Ministers of Interior and Defense within the Federal Government and the Minister of the National Security who will attend the meeting,” the statement added.

“The prominent points were keeping the mechanisms, agreements and committees of the joint performance in the disputed areas as they are, organizing and activating the joint performance between the Kurdistan RegionG forces and FG forces, holding monthly meetings between the two sides, punishing any side who violates the concluded agreements,” the statement mentioned.

“The General Command of the Armed Forces is responsible of organizing these meetings and following up its results,” the statement continued.

“Informing the Supreme Committee over any problem to take place in the disputed areas immediately to be settled through urgent solutions, issuing a quick order to withdraw the troop deployed by the two sides after 16th of current November,” the statement went on.

“The decisions over forming the Operations Commands in the disputed areas must be reconsidered especially the formations of Dijla Operations Command and granting the security authorities in Kirkuk to the police forces and the security elements of the Ministry of Interior,” the statement emphasized.

“The meeting that was held at the headquarter of the General Command of the Armed Forces involved the representatives of Kurdistan RegionG and the representatives of CG,” the statement concluded.

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