Calls to amend Kurdish parliament’s internal regulation

ARBIL / The opposition bloc in Kurdistan ’s parliament demanded during the first session of the parliament to amend the internal regulation generally, while the majority voted to amend only two articles. The demand of 34 parliamentarians from the Change bloc and its ally the Services bloc to change the internal regulation of the parliament is the first appearance of the Kurdish opposition. Although, the parliamentary majority voted for amending only 38 and 39 articles of the internal regulation. Today’s session witnessed reading the resignation of the Head of the Kurdistan List, Burham Saleh, in preparation for assigning him to form the government. The Kurdish Parliament includes three main blocs: the Kurdistan Bloc (59 seats), the Change Bloc (25 seats) and the Services and Reform Bloc (13 seats). Turkmen, Christian and Armenian minorities hold 11 seats in the 111-member council. SH (P)/SR 1

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