Dabbagh key figure in corruption of armament deal with Russia, says Bazouni

Baghdad ( MP Jawad al-Bazouni of the Iraqi National Alliance revealed that “The Spokesperson of the Iraqi Government, Ali al-Dabbagh is the major figure in the issue of corruption accompanying the armament deal concluded with Russia.”

Bazouni told that “Dismissing Dabbagh on the background of suspicions related to his involvement in the arms deal’s corruption with Russia depends on the outcomes of the Integrity Commission’s investigations,” noting that “The Spokesperson is the key pillar in this case.”

“If Dabbagh is proved to be involved in this case, then the Premier has to be resolute in settling this matter in order to prove that he is earnest in fighting the corruption,” he added.

“We wish the investigations in this issue to be transparent because the corruption in Iraq reached a limit that cannot be tolerated,” Bazouni concluded.

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