Dabbagh’s website suspended


Baghdad ( The website of the Government Spokesman, Ali al-Dabbagh, was suspended few hours ago.

The reasons behind the suspension are not identified yet.

Dabbagh’s website posts the decisions of the Council of Ministers and the Governmental activities.

This suspension comes few hours after Dabbagh’s denial for being involved in the corruption accompanied the armament contracts concluded with Russia.

In a press conference held at the parliament on Wednesday, he said “My name was mentioned in unusual planned way by some media outlets over the corruption accompanied the armament contracts concluded with Russia,” stressing that “This was done by sides who exerted huge efforts to defame the others.”

“It becomes dangerous to keep silent towards such issue so I deny these accusations firmly and assure that I was the first who notify the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, over the possibility of corruption to accompany this contract before leaving to Russia in 40 days.”

“Maliki’s response was firm as he is adherent to the safety and progress of the armed forces and the military institution,” he mentioned.

For his part, the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, after a short time, denied what was announced by the Spokesman of the Government, Ali al-Dabbagh, over notifying him concerning the possibility of corruption to accompany the armament contracts concluded with Russia.

A statement by Maliki’s office received by cited “Dabbagh did not notify Maliki about suspicion of corruption in the armament deals concluded with Russia.”

In response to a question by a journalist, Maliki denied tasking Dabbagh concerning any issue in this respect.

Earlier, an informed military source stated that Iraq cancelled the armament deals with Russia.

“The deals were cancelled due to corruption issues,” the source concluded.

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