Douri calls Maliki to resign

Douri calls Maliki to resign

Baghdad ( MP Mahaa al-Douri of the parliament Ahrar bloc called the General Commander of Armed Forces, Premier, Nouri al-Maliki to resign on background of the cycle of violence witnessed by Iraq.

Different areas in Baghdad and Basra witnessed a spate of bombings of car bombs that resulted in killing and wounding more than (150) persons mostly civilians according to formal statistical report.

Douri wondered in a statement to on Monday “When would Maliki remain watching the bloodshed without taking any serious measures to stop the daily carnages in Iraq?! Hence I call him to protect the Iraqi blood and maintain the national unity by submitting his resignation and give his post to anyone within the Iraqi national Alliance.”

“The responsibility of protecting the people’s lives is laid entirely on the Premier as being the top official for this duty,” she stressed.

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