Elawi: Political sides prepare atmosphere to hold national meeting

Elawi: Political sides prepare atmosphere to hold national meeting

Baghdad ( MP Karim Elawi of the Iraqi National Alliance pointed out that “The political sides tend to end the crisis and hold the National meeting.”

Elawi said in a statement to Iraqi News “The Vice-President Khudhayer al-Khuzae, the Speaker Osama al-Nijaifi and the head of the INA Ibrahim al-Jaafari as well as the secretary General of Badr Organization and other sides are holding meetings to prepare the atmosphere for holding the national meeting.”

“The Government has responded positively to the demands of the demonstrators which calmed down the situation and if the Parliament endorsed some important laws for the benefit of the political process that will have a positive impact on the dialogue among all sides and help to hold the National Meeting,” he added.

Elawi mentioned that “All sides realized the dangerous situation which threatens the country,” noting that “The floods in Salah-il-Din province confirmed the national unity when the Provincial Councils hurried to offer assistants for the damaged families in Salah-il-Din province in addition to the positive response of the Government in assisting these families which in total helped to calm down the situation.”

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