Elewi rejects calls to cancel A & J law, article 4 of Anti-Terrorism law

Elewi rejects calls to cancel A & J law, article 4 of Anti-Terrorism law

Baghdad ( MP Karim Elewi of the Iraqi National Alliance stressed that each of the Accountability & Justice Law and the article 4 of the Anti-Terrorism Law were agreed upon by all the communities of the Iraqi people and the political blocs including the Iraqiya Slate.

Elewi stated to that “Some sides try to turn the sectarianism back to Iraq but the people became aware to such scheme where the Sunnis realized the seriousness of the situation they returned to their senses and defeated those who try to arouse sectarianism.”

“The legitimate demands are acceptable and no one can stand against them where the Iraqi people suffers a lot of lack of services and so forth, but some demands are unsound such as canceling the J & A law and article 4 of Anti-Terrorism law because the political process was built on them both,” he added.

“Since the formation of the current government, these two laws were agreed upon by each of Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds including the Iraqiya Slate and all other political blocs which represent all the Iraqi social components, therefore these laws cannot be abolished,” Elewi concluded.

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