Eqbal warns from consequences of political conflict in Iraq

Eqbal warns from consequences of political conflict in Iraq

Baghdad ( MP Mohamed Eqbal of the Wasat Alliance stressed that the disorder on the Iraqi political system keeps the country into conflict.

Eqbal added in a statement received by “The Iraqi political system is characterized by fuzziness where it lacks a unified political vision, this made some countries fear that Iraq might turn into an area of threat for the region which in turn affects the efforts to relief Iraq from the UN Charter, 7th Chapter.”

“The consequences of the crises and disputes happening from time to time among the Iraqi political sides would negatively affect the overall political, economic, and social situations, he continued saying “At a time the Iraqis wait for appositive shift that bring about comprehensive national promotion, however they are surprised by the campaigns of the media tensed statements and spread of corruption which eats away the state institutions and hinder any effort on way of the development process.”

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