EU detemined to upgrade partnerships with Iraq

Baghdad ( The European Union (EU) on Tuesday decided to step up, as a matter of urgency, its external action on countering terrorism in particular in the Mediterranean, the Middle east and North Africa.

The EU said in a statement, issued after the foreign ministers meeting in Brussels, that it strongly condemns the recent attacks, which have been carried out by terrorist groups and individuals in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

“Counter-terrorism (CT) will be mainstreamed fully into EU foreign policy, ” said the statement.

The EU vows to strengthen partnerships with key countries including Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Israel and to strengthen political dialogue with regional coordination structures such as the League of Arab States, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and the African Union.

The EU foreign ministers also decided to promote international cooperation with the United Nations and enhance cooperation on countering financing of terrorism. /End/

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