Finance Committee assures endorsing General Budget next Thursday

Finance Committee assures endorsing General Budget next Thursday

Baghdad ( The head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Haider al-Ebadi, assured that the parliament will vote on the General Budget on next Thursday after settling the disputes over it.

In a press conference held at the parliament building, he stated “The General Budget will be endorsed within 48 hours which is next Thursday.”

“The Finance Committee dealt with the Council of Ministers over specifying 300 USD Billion as an emergency budget for the natural disasters such as the floods and the earthquakes as what happened in Thi-Qar province,” he added, noting that “The 2013 budget will focus on certain sectors such as the retirement salaries and the social treatment.”

“The efforts are being exerted to from a fund for the Iraqi citizen rather than distributing financial sums from the superabundant of the oil income which will help in eliminating corruption,” he pointed out.

He assured “There are financial grants for the retired citizens and the journalists where the issue of the dissolved entities is not settled yet due to the lack of the correct number of the citizens included in the retirement and those who resumed their job degrees.”

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