French Ambassador to Atiya: Reconstructing Iraq needs political stability

French Ambassador to Atiya: "Reconstructing Iraq needs political stability"

Baghdad ( During his meeting with Khalid al-Atiya, the head of the State of Law Coalition’s parliamentary bloc, the French Ambassador to Iraq stressed that “Iraq has the potentials to launch the reconstruction process, but this requires political stability.”

A statement by Atiya’s media office cited that “Atiya met with the French Ambassador to Iraq, Denny Goyer, at the latter’s office in Baghdad where they discussed the current political situation in Iraq.”

Atiya confirmed that “All the political blocs should sit together to confer about addressing the current political crisis, confirming that “Only through adopting dialogue and applying the constitution the crises can be addressed.”

For his part, Goyer, pointed out that “The political crisis in Iraq significantly hinder the economic movement in Iraq.”

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