Germany received list of weaponry for Peshmerga: Official

Germany received list of weaponry for Peshmerga: Official
Kurdish Peshmerga forces. File photo.

Baghdad (BasNews) The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)’s Peshmerga Ministry has provided the German government with a list of required military equipment for the Kurdish forces, said an official.

The list includes various types of equipment, including anti-tank weapons, a senior ministry official, Salar Mohammad Jabbari, told BasNews on Sunday. He noted that German military officials approved the list of demanded weapons during their visit to the Kurdistan Region’s front lines.

The official did not elaborate on German government’s future military shipments to Erbil. Concerning the military training provided to the Peshmerga forces by German advisors, Jabbari said that they are ongoing and the first brigade has already graduated.

“Some of the Peshmerga trainees are sent to Germany for military training,” he added.

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