Hakim calls for active participation in next PCs elections

Hakim calls for active participation in next PCs elections

Baghdad ( The head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, called for active participation in the next Provincial Councils Elections.

During the 23rd Conference of Preachers held in Najaf province, Hakim said “Neglecting the participation in the next PCs elections will waste the rights of the citizens in electing the professional and integrate figures to correct the situation in Iraq.”

He urged “The Preachers to support the just modern State in Iraq,” stressing that “We are politicians not for the sake of policy rather we want to serve the citizens.”

“The modern State is the only way to save the citizens’ dignity and to follow up the developments in the society,” he assured.

“We adopt the initiatives rather than slogans to legislate them later for implementation in reality,” he mentioned.

“The accomplishments done by Citizen bloc is achieved with the help of the other blocs,” he concluded.

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