Hakim calls Iraqiya Slate to reconsider boycotting parliament

Hakim calls Iraqiya Slate to reconsider boycotting parliament

Baghdad ( The head of the Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, called the Iraqiya Slate to reconsider its decision of boycotting the Parliament regular sessions, demanding the Government to quickly meet the legitimate demonstrators’ demands.

During a ceremony to celebrate Prophet Mohamed’s birth, Hakim said “Preserving the unity and exercising restraint is very crucial whatever the circumstances are,” noting that “The SIIC supports the call for legitimate demands, but these demands must be harmonious with the constitution and the law.”

Hakim called on “The demonstrators to prevent penetrating the protests by corrupted people who ask for unreasonable demands that do not conform with the constitution.”

He continued saying “The Iraqi army holds big responsibility in protecting the country and the people, therefore it should be kept away from the politicization and the political disputes.”

The head of the “SIIC called all sides to adhere to the recommendations of the Religious Authority over resolving the current political crisis as it represents safety valve and source of unconcern for all Iraqis,” according to the statement.

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