Hakim criticizes accusing pilgrims of delaying State’s performance

Hakim criticizes accusing pilgrims of delaying State\

Baghdad ( The Head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, criticized accusing the pilgrims of Imam Hussein of delaying the performance in the State.

While participating in the solaces in Najaf province, he said “Those who underestimate these rituals and consider them as a delay to the performance of the State are neglecting the spiritual and real formation of the humanitarian personality in spite of the variation of the participants in these rituals.”

“While marching to Karbala province, the pilgrims assure their insistence on achieving the morals and values of Imam Hussein and his immortal revolution,” he added, appreciating “The pilgrim’s challenges to the cold weather to express their support to Imam Hussein and to learn more lessons from his revolution.”

He expressed “His wishes to the pilgrims to come back home safe.”

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