Hakim, EU delegation discuss Iraqi & regional situations

Hakim, EU delegation discuss Iraqi & regional situations

Baghdad ( The head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, stressed on Wednesday that “The Religious Authority played great role in alleviating the current crisis in Iraq.

A statement by the SIIC cited “Hakim received a delegation comprising Ambassadors of the European Union countries in Baghdad headed by the EU representative where he called the EU to support Iraq in reliving from the UN sanctions of the Charter’s Seventh Chapter and participate in rebuilding Iraq.”

“The two sides reviewed the current political situation in Iraq where Hakim stressed his rejection for the marginalization and exclusion policy against any part of Iraq’ social and political components,” it added.

“As for the regional events, SIIC’s head highlighted the important role that could be played by the EU in addressing the Syrian crisis and the tensions in Bahrain, calling them not to follow selectivity in dealing with the regional updates,” according to the statement.

“For their part, the EU delegation members expressed their appreciation for Hakim’s stances towards the political crises and problems, hoping the Iraqi parliament to address the problems and meet the legitimate demands of the demonstrators and pass the important laws such as the Federal Court Law and the General Amnesty Law, etc,” the statement concluded.

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